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Challange Your Mind

Criminal Minds Fanfic Challange

Challenge Your Mind -Criminal Minds fic Challenge
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to “CM_Challenge” a Criminal Minds Fanfic Challenge community.

Once a week, I, your humble moderator, would post a prompt (a word, a phrase, a quote and so on). Then, you, my faithful members, would have two weeks to post your response.

This community is open to everyone and everything. You may use which characters and which paring you want – There are no claiming! You may use which genre, theme, ratings, kinks...

Since this community is open to all, I trust you to make good judgment- give proper information so readers would know about anything they might find offensive, be tolerated to those with different views and perspectives.

When posting your story please place it behind a cut or as a link to a post at your personal journal, you may include which ever information you want, however you most include the following:

Name: Pen name, LJ nickname, real name- any is fine.
Prompt #: Please also state the prompt itself ( example: prompt 12: home )
Rating: Please use the fan rating system. More information could be found here http://tfrrs.tripod.com/
Pairing: If you do not have any pairing, please write gen or None
Warning: If you do not have any warning, simply write None
Spoilers: If you do not have any spoilers, simply write None
Disclaimer: State what you own (original characters) and what you don't (show characters).

Anything ells (contact information, Summary, Author's Note and such...) is up to you.

So join us and start the inspiration flowing!

This community is open for your help and participation, if there anything you'd like to contribute: From graphics to prompt ideas to anything at all – please don't hesitate to contact me.

Your Truly
Noam Jen.